Cigars must be stored in the right conditions, namely away from direct sunlight, strong odours and at the correct temperature and humidity.

Humidity- we suggest storing cigars at 65RH. Aged cigars can be stored at 60RH. Higher humidity leads eventually to damaging blue mould or cracked wrappers. Low humidity drys cigars out, eventually to a critical point.

Temperature- Cigars should be stored ideally between 17 and 19 degree centigrade, or 60 degree fahrenheit. Aged cigars can be stored at 55 degree fahrenheit. Sustained temperatures above 18/64 will attract tobacco bettles. Sustained temperatures below 15/59 will halt the ageing process.

All our range is stored in our walk-in humidor in our shop at Glo Damansara mall.

Cigars are carefully maintained at 60 degree fahrenheit and 65%RH.